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The old saying is wrong winners do quit, and quitters do win.
Every new project (or job, or hobby, or company) starts out exciting and fun. Then it gets harder and less fun, until it hits a low point really hard, and not much fun at all.
And then you find yourself asking if the goal is even worth the hassle. Maybe you´re in a Dip a temporary setback that will get better if you keep pushing. But maybe it´s really a Cul-de-Sac, which will never get better, no matter how hard you try.
According to bestselling author Seth Godin, what really sets superstars apart from everyone else is the ability to escape dead ends quickly, while staying focused and motivated when it really counts. 
Winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt until they commit to beating the right Dip for the right reasons. In fact, winners seek out the Dip. They realize that the bigger the barrier, the bigger the reward for getting past it. If you can become number one in your niche, you ll get more than your fair share of profits, glory, and long-term security.
Losers, on the other hand, fall into two basic traps. Either they fail to stick out the Dip they get to the moment of truth and then give up or they never even find the right Dip to conquer.
Whether you´re a graphic designer, a sales rep, an athlete, or an aspiring CEO, this fun little book will help you figure out if you´re in a Dip that s worthy of your time, effort, and talents. If you are, The Dip will inspire you to hang tough. If not, it will help you find the courage to quit so you can be number one at something else.
Seth Godin doesn´t claim to have all the answers. But he will teach you how to ask the right questions.

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"Útlá kniha, kterou jsem sice četl jen jednou, ale vzpomenu si na ní často. Jednoduché poslání mi pomáhá při důležitých rozhodnutích v práci i v osobním živote."
Dalibor Pulkert, člen sítě Red Button

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